Open Platform, Massive Storage – ICBC Check Image Storage Project

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) has a vision of “build the most profitable, most preeminent, and most respected world-class commercial bank.”

ICBC now has 16,000 branches and diverse digital channels, such as e-Banking, telephone banking, and self-service banking, across the world. These branches and channels offer financial products and services to 4.11 million enterprise and 282 million individual customers. ICBC has developed a cross-market, international operation layout based on commercial banking. Now, ICBC is leading the industry in market value, profitability, and banking services and IT system development.


Continuous service expansion brings increasing traffic, widespread use of check images, and explosive growth of unstructured data. ICBC’s existing platform used medium- and high-end storage devices to store data. This storage mode faced the following challenges:

1 Low return on investment (ROI)

ICBC needed a more cost-effective storage mode to meet service requirements.

2 Costly and inefficient query

The existing electronic archive management system lacked near-line storage. This lowered data query efficiency and brought high maintenance costs. ICBC needed better data lifecycle management.

Huawei Solution

Huawei provides self-proprietary, cost-effectively OceanStor S2600 storage systems for ICBC, meeting ICBC’s requirements on standard data storage. During project bidding, Huawei won ICBC’s favor using its quick R&D response and global localization services. By now, ICBC has deployed S2600 in 30 of its tier-1 branches and organizations across China. These devices play key roles in ICBC’s data networks, ensuring secure data storage and smooth operation of the enterprise content management (ECM), office automation (OA), and report systems. Huawei’s data storage solution stores data by service priority and application scenario. The cost-effective near-line storage allows hierarchical storage and lifecycle data management.

Customer Benefits

OceanStor S2600 features mature technologies, high scalability, and large capacity, applying to general service systems. Huawei provides comprehensive, effective IT support for ICBC. Huawei’s solution improves ICBC’s storage system ROI and brings the following customer benefits:

1. Cost-effectively S2600 storage array: significantly improves the customer’s ROI.

2. Over 130 sets of storage devices deployed in more than 30 tier-1 branches and organizations across the country: offers 3000 TB storage space for ICBC’s application systems, effectively supporting ICBC’s data storage, service operation, and system development.

3. Hierarchical storage: ensures standard, lifecycle data management.

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