Huawei Omni-Channel Finance Customer Service Solution

With the application of big data, cloud computing, and multimedia ICT in the banking system, the traditional bank gradually changed from a “reinforced concrete” bank to a “future-proof” bank centered on the ICT technology.

Meanwhile, Internet and commercial enterprises embarked on the financial industry with their advanced ICT technologies and considerable customer groups.

Currently, the ICT technology plays a decisive role in the banking industry. As the first Video Teller Machine solution provider, Huawei integrates the high-definition (HD) video, remote collaboration, service push, routing, and queuing technologies to provide remote teller services. Remote tellers remotely interact with customers through face-to-face HD video and service collaboration, greatly enhancing customer experience.To better meet customer needs from multichannel, Huawei is dedicated to making innovations and pushing the VTM remote bank to be a multi-channel service center so that customers can use VTMs as well as mobile phones, tablets, PCs, and smart TVs to obtain desired services from remote tellers at anytime and from anywhere.

Channel Integration

Multimedia : Remote tellers can provide services for customers through multiple medium, including voice, video, and collaboration (such as information push and document sharing).

Multiple terminals : Customers can obtain remote teller services through multiple terminals, including VTM, PC, Ultrabook, tablet, mobile phone, and MediaQ.

Multiple channels : The eSpace VTM remote bank solution provides remote face-to-face services for customers through multiple channels, including bank branch, self-service terminal, online banking, and mobile banking.

Video Service

HD Video : The eSpace VTM remote bank solution supports video with resolutions from CIF to 720p to meet different service requirements. The Huawei-patented video enhancement technology is used for preventing network delay and jitter to enhance service experience.

Intelligent routing : Service requests are allocated to remote tellers in a unified manner for centralized processing. Remote tellers can be grouped to process specific services.

Remote Collaboration

Proactive marketing: Using the big data analysis results, remote tellers can proactively promote financial services and products as well as push product materials to target customers.

Real-time interaction : When helping customers process services, remote tellers can use auxiliary tools such as laser pen to illustrate service information and annotate important content.

Form filling assistance: Remote tellers can assist customers in filling out service application forms to deliver an excellent VIP service experience.

Expert assistance: When interacting with customers, remote tellers can invite third-party experts to join calls or directly transfer calls to third-party experts that can provide the services desired by customers.

Service auditing: Some services offered by remote tellers to customers must be audited. When a teller is processing such a service for a customer, an auditor joins the video call and audits the service process. When the auditing is complete, the auditor exits the video call and the teller continues to interact with the customer.

Management and Supervision

Onsite surveillance : When a remote teller is processing a service for a customer, a supervisor can monitor the service process in real time. When the customer is not satisfied with the teller, the supervisor can immediately take over or stop the service.

Service tracking : During service processing, audio, video, and service operations can be recorded simultaneously as the transaction evidence for tracing in the future.

Service recurrence : To perform post-event inspections on teller services, query service records using customer ID, teller ID, VTM ID, service processing time, service processing location, and service type, and then play back recording files.

Solution Values

Fast Deployment : The VTM remote bank can be deployed within a much shorter period than the traditional bank outlet. The VTM remote bank has fewer requirements on the deployment environment and therefore can be easily expanded to airports, hotels, campuses, and schools. A VTM can provide most counter services, including card issuing, U-Key delivery, financial management, IC card payment, third-party depository, check service, service subscription, and service change.

Workload Migration : Services with standard processes are migrated from traditional counters to VTMs so that banks can invest more workforce into high value-added services, for example, product marketing.

Face-to-Face Service : Customers in communities, large-size industrial parks, airports, and suburbs can enjoy face-to-face services offered by remote tellers at the service center that is located far away. As long as customers have terminals (such as PCs, smart TVs, mobile phones, and tablets), banking services are available to them.

Expert Resource Sharing : When facing difficulties in processing services, such as product analysis, remote tellers can request help from financial management experts for professional consulting. To facilitate this, financial management experts are seated at headquarters to remotely provide services for all outlets. This greatly improves the value of the financial management experts.

Service Risk Reduction : The eSpace VTM remote bank solution provides services with standard processes through VTMs and allocates service requests from VTMs to appropriate tellers in a centralized manner. These approaches standardize service processes and reduce manual misoperations to improve customer satisfaction.

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